Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bad Cap'n Maverick

OK mateys, Cap'n Mav is in jail. He be in lockdown harrrr. The Cap'n just be out playing with Gloria and minding his own business when he, harrr, spy something in the hibiscus bush. Gloria be looking somewhere else so the Cap'n go to vestigate the hisbiscus. Harrr. Well, Gloria see the Cap'n in the shrub and come to help him, but, harrr, the Cap'n snarked Gloria. The Cap'n be pretty sorry about it but Gloria be hurt, harrr. And now the Cap'n in jail. Mom don't allow no snarking, harrr. She say zero tolerance for snarking. The Cap'n don't know how long he be in stuck in lockdown and solitary exercise either mateys.

Cap'n Maverick the Pirate, remotely reporting from lockdown on the Good Ship Maverick's Run


Khady Lynn said...

Poor, Cap'n! I'm sure you really didn't mean to hurt Gloria! You were just trying to keep her away from your prize. Good luck getting out of lockdown soon!


Anonymous said...

Oh Cap'n.. I am so sorry you went on lock down, but we can't beat up our siblings. I know she was getting into your business, but... Oh well, I am sure you learned your lesson.