Monday, May 21, 2007


Harrrrr Mateys
Fur-Minator!!! Thar be no stinking Fur-Minator here Mateys. Lisa the Mean said that Fur-Minators have blades in them. Harr, show dogs can't be trimmed, so no Fur-Minator for us. Thar be a Specal doggie bath tub in the basement. That makes it easer to take a bath for dog and human. Dogs that be showing get a bath at least once a week. We also have Master Blaster blower that takes our fluff away and it drys us from our baths. It be so powerful it blows the water off our coats. Then mateys, we get to the serious grooming tools and products. You Mateys saw what the Cap'n was standing on, that be a grooming table. The arm thing holds the noose. That sounds grusome but it isnt Harrrrr. It holds us safe on the table so we don't jump off and hurt ourselves. We get brushed with pin brushes and combs. When we are blowing like this we sometimes get the rake. The only Trimming allowed is on the bottom of our fuzzy feet. Harrrr, Mom use the scaler and clean the teeth every week Mateys. We got bright shiny teeth. The worst thing is the grinder on the toe nails. That be a Dremel with sanding band. It tickles and never get the quick. Harrrr, that is most of the basic maintenance for all of us. Some dogs get more grooming then others. Mom use 5 or 6 different products on everybody at the dog show. It be a lot of grooming going on there. Each dog take 30-45 minutes to get ready for the ring. Harrrrrrrr Yer Cap'n Mav loved his time showing.
Cap'n Maverick the Pirate


Khady Lynn said...

We have a furminator, but it does not have any blades. It is just a very finely toothed comb that does a fabulous job! You should really look at one and see. No blades, so no trimming. It just removes the undercoat wonderfully!


Anonymous said...

Maverick... aren't you glad while on the table Lisa the Mean did not say, "Walk the plank"!