Friday, May 04, 2007

Thank you FuFu

Harrr Matey FuFu, King of the Crows Nest. Here I am with the Merlion that I have named Riptide. Thank you so much for sending him. Harrr.

Mateys, check this out!!! Lisa the Mean bring the Cap'n inside and put him in his liferaft with his rangtang last night. In the mail came a package from FuFu, all the way from Singapore!!!. Wow, FuFu. the Cap'n be so impressed with the package. He sniff it all over. Harrr in the package be the Merlion Cap'n Mav named him Riptide. Thar be a letter from FuFu, a bandana, pirate stickers, a button, and a pirate bracelet for Lisa the Mean. The Cap'n be so impressed with this package of loot from FuFu. The Cap'n been kind of low with all the rain and it be so humid but this package just pick Cap'n Mav right up. Harrr, Matey Fufu, ye be the best pirate hamster ever.
Cap'n Maverick the Pirate


Anonymous said...

Wow Maverick... that was very awesome of Fu Fu to send you a fun package in the mail! You are so special!
hugs, Sitka

Khady Lynn said...

That is SO COOL! How nice of fufu to send you such a great present!


Fu Fu said...

Harr Cap't Maverick. Woh that loot reached you really fast. I guess it helps when you're a pirate. Glad you like the things. I picked up the pirate charm and got my human to make the bracelet. :) Riptide is a good name for the little merlion

~ fufu