Sunday, October 22, 2006


Yo ho yo ho, I was looking around at some pirate stuff today and found this site

Those are all pictures of different pirate flags. I like the one Bosun's Mate Tubey made us better.

On the treasure, I found a rock, and went three paces to a maple tree and then three more paces and started to dig. There was nothing. We need to get a new map, this one is broken. Maybe the Nincompoop got it.

Cap'n Maverick The Pirate


Unknown said...

Hi there!
I am Raisa, the Husky Bloggers Ring manager. I have just added your blog to our ring! Welcome to the pack!
Licks :P

The Army of Four said...

Harr, matey! Maybe this map was sabotaged!
Play bows,
Zim the Pirate