Monday, July 16, 2007

The News

Harrrrrrrrr Mateys

Lisa the Mean is back in town Harrrrr. The Cap'n be so happy. Lisa the Mean told me all bout her trip to Duluth, Minnesota and what she see there, harrrr. She saw Lake Superior and there be boats and Pirates there, don't cha know. I be there before but the Cap'n didn't get to see all the boats Harrrrr. It also seemed that the Cap'n was the only Pirate there at that time, Harrrr. On other news the Cap'n has a scrape on his face from sticking his head where it didn't belong, Harrrrrr. It be fine and Lisa the Mean take care of so it can heal up fast, Harrrrr. The KC Show is coming up fast too, harrr. It be August 23-26. I hope I get to go all of the days it will be so fun. Now, all you Mateys know the Cap'n doesn't show any more but the shoppin' be great at the KC Shows.

Lisa the Mean went shopping and found a treasure chest of Bath Fizzies Harrrrr. The Bath Fizzies change the water colors. The Cap'n hope to use them in my next bath, Harrrr. It is Official POTC stuff top with stickers are on there to prove it Harrrrrrrr.

Cap'n Maverick the Pirate


Khady Lynn said...

My humans have been to Duluth before a few years ago. My mom is from MN so she is very familiar with it. That is the city they want to move to one of these days.

Will you get to come to Omaha for a visit?


Anonymous said...

Wooooo Mav... I am sorry about your scratch. So, inquiring minds wanna know - what did you stick your head in?