Monday, July 23, 2007

Harrr I have been tagged

Harrrrrr Mateys

Your Cap'n Has been tagged by Sitka and Tia and Dusty Doodles Harrrrrr. I have to tell 5 of my Favorite books Harrrrr. Since the Cap'n is a Pirate, he does not have much time to read books Harrrr. But The Cap'n will tell you what he be readin.

1 st thing, the Cap'n did read Dogged and Determand by Scott Ski, harr that was a good book. Col Taz could be a pirate.

2 nd, The Cap'n be readin treasure maps so the cap' n knows where to find lost treasure and hidden treasure. All kind o treasure mateys. Harrr.

3 rd, The Cap'n read a lot of nautical charts so he can find out where he is going all the time Harrrrr.

4 th, The National Shark o Pedia. Yes be a real book it tells about what kind of sharks are out there in the water Harrrr. How big they get and the most important thing be the danger rating so the Cap'n can avoid sharks on his adventures.

5 th, and finle thing the Cap'n reads all the pirate lore I can get my paws on, Harrrrrr.

So the Cap'n be tagging mateys Poseidon and Girl Girl, Harrrrr.

Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

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Khady Lynn said...

I just loved Dogged and Determined! Samuel was afraid mom might get the wrong idea so he tried to eat it. So she got a second one!! I like your shark opedia, that sounds cool!

I got to meet some of your family this weekend! That was very cool and they are so beautiful! I sure wish you could have been there! Your humans were very nice to my human and spend lots of time with her. She says a huge Thank Woooo to them!!