Thursday, June 07, 2007

Harr Mateys

Harr Mateys,

Yer Cap'n here. First, and very important, harrr, a very special happy birthday to my human friend Kellie. It be a big one for her.

OK, now on to the Nessie hunt. I be taking over this adventure for Swedish Selena. She was in over her head, harrr, and need the Cap'n for guidance and experience to organize a quest of this harrr, magnitude. She had only borrowed the Good Ship Maverick's Run for a week and, harr, this expedition, may take a good bit longer, harrrr.

We see Hollybollyboo be worried about the Nessie eating her. Harrr, if there be no danger lassie, there be no adventure. Probably not going to happen though. Matey Zim, glad to have ye aboard. Sitka too.

Yer Cap'n is off on a hunt for a map to Loch Ness from Missouri. I'll keep ye posted mateys.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh.. Happy birthday to your friend Kellie. And be careful on your quest to find the map of the loch ness

~ girl girl

Khady Lynn said...

I'm still on board! Bring her on! I can be one tough Malagal when needed!!

What's with no volunteers? Are all those other doggies out there WIMPS?????


Anonymous said...

Woo.. Happy Belated BIrthday to Kellie! Mav, I am ready to search for the loch ness... let's hit the road!!