Thursday, June 14, 2007

Catchin the Nessie

Harrr Mateys, Yer Cap'n be taking a break from the map makin' and thinkin how to, harrr, catch that Nessie. Now if the Nessie be on the surface we just sail up next to her and, harrr board her mateys. But if the Nessie be under the water, harrr, that be another problem. The Cap'n be thinkin bout a big net, or, harrr fishing for the Nessie. The best idea the Cap'n have be a Dyson Maties. We take a really big Dyson and suck up the Nessie, then she be all safe and sound and clean too.

What say ye Mateys.

Cap'n Maverick the Pirate


D. Animal said...

Vrrrm vvvvrrrrmmmm! Vrvm, vrrrm & vvvvv!!! LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mav,
this is a super great idea!!!! Tia and I are on board!

Khady Lynn said...

That works for me!! And if the Dyson gets eaten by mistake....ooops! Oh well.......


The Army of Four said...

HARRR, Cap'n! This sounds like a mighty great plan to this pirate!
I speak some vacu-talk, so I think I can be of great assistance! (Oh, yeah ... and hey D. Animal -- Vrrrm, vrrr-rooom! Ha roo roo roo!) (Don't anypuppy tell my mom I said that, OK?)
How soon do we leave!??
Play bows and HARRR!