Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Hey Pirates

It be me, Swedish Selena the Viking Pirate. I am on Mavericks blog to tell you that I am mad at Maverick!!!! He told me that I would see an Armadillo in Texas!! I went to Texas with my eyes peeled for one and I did not see one. Selena is very disappointed, he said I didn't see da amradillo because it was snowing and they were in their hidey holes. I don't believe him. Yes it snowed in Texas that was wonderful. Selena did saw oil grass hoppers. They go up and down, they where very cool. Also on the trip we saw mesas and RED DIRT that stains your coat. We had to be very careful where we walked to keep white feet. Selena showed very nice and won Reserve Lisa the Mean was happy about that. We also stayed at a freinds house and had so much fun. I still wanted to see an Armadillo. Cap'n Maverick let me down.

Swedish Selena the Viking Pirate


The Army of Four said...

Wooo, Selena! I am originally from Texas and there ARE armadillos there. Just maybe not when it's snowing. Captain Maverick wouldn't lead you astray! At least not where armadillos are concerned. Woo.

Khady Lynn said...

Those are pretty funny looking creatures. Too bad you didn't get to see any!


Fu Fu said...

Hey Selena, oh Armadillo sounds interesting... Maybe Cap't Maverick will show you one when the weather is warming next time

~ fufu