Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Kennles

Harrrrr Mateys

Saturday Mom and Lisa started doing sumthin at the back of the house where there be three Kennles already with CB and Carmen and Juarez And the huge puppy pen.Your Cap'n was so intent on finding out what was going on he could hardly stand it. They started moving blocks and putting them in lines on the grass.That is what Silver reported to me when she was running with Preston. Then your Cap'n was let out to run with Gloria and I quickly went over to where they where and supervised what they be doing. So the Cap'n helped build a big thing. Mom and Lisa the Mean where moving big panles saying they where hevy Harrrrr. Then with the help of Maverick they got the job done. They built 2 skinny runs and they built 1 big run where the puppy goes your Cap'n measerd the run compared to the Good Ship Mavericks run and it was bigger then Mavericks Run. The puppy dosent need all that space your Cap'n tried and tried to trade him runs but he is not going for it. Harrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! the capn has to think of somthin he can't refuse.

Cap'n Maverick the Pirate


Khady Lynn said...

At least with a smaller run, you have an excuse to be lazy, since you won't have as much room to run!


Fu Fu said...

Hey Cap't Maverick. Puppies??? Are you recuiting new pirates???

~ fufu

The Army of Four said...

Maverick, what do you think this means?