Monday, March 19, 2007


Harrrrr Mateys

X marks the spot!!!!

Cap'n Maverick be asked many times how he come to be a pirate. Harrr. Well I be here to tell ye mateys about a special day, Harrrrr, when yer Cap'n realized he be a Pirate. It be three years ago next weekend when your Cap'n be at a show in Dubuque Iowa. Lisa be showing the Cap'n in the Jr ring. Harrr Mateys, the floor there be bouncy panels over the ice of a hockey rink with duct tape on them. Harrrr. We did our down and back and around, then Lisa the Mean stopped me and said does X mark the spot Maverick? Harrrr, it be because there be a duct tape X on the ground. Yer Cap'n had an epiphany Mateys. It be so cool yer Cap'n knew he was a true pirate at that moment. This week Sweetish Selena the Viking pirate is going to that show I wish her good luck. May she also find the X.

Cap'n Maverick the Pirate


The Army of Four said...

Harrr! Cool story, Cap'n Maverick!
Good luck to Selena - though I STILL think she deserves a reward for her last performance!
Play bows,

IndyPindy said...

Mom says you remind her of the character Steve the Pirate in the movie Dodgeball. I don't know what she's talking about. Why would people make a movie about Dodgeball? How stupid!

Fu Fu said...

You are the coolest pirate Cap't Maverick. :)

~ fufu

Khady Lynn said...

Laughing over Indy's comment, cuz I know what he means!!!

Yes, you are definitely the coolest pirate out there!!

Good luck Selena!!!