Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Viking Pirate news

Harrr Mateys, here be the news from the Oklahoma City Specialty on Saturday 2/24. Yup the Cap'n is a little slow but the reason be I enjoying that dab of snow and, well Digger Gloria is coming in season and even though the Cap'n bein snipped, he still be interested. And she be kenneled right next door. Arrrrrwwwwwwwooooooooo.

OK, here be the news on Swedish Selena, the Viking Pirate. In the sweepstakes, she got 2nd place and won a glass cup with an etched siberian on it. Lisa be quick about putting the cup on a shelf too Mateys. Now for the big news, in the 9-12 month puppy class Selena be #1. She win her class Mateys. This be huge news. Selena be having some problems "getting it" B4 but now she "got it". She win a towel with embroider on it. She be pretty fancy too Mateys. Maybe we be getting pictures in a day or two.

Now back to your regular scheduled program. The Cap'n going back to singing to his Gloria.

Cap'n Maverick the Pirate


Charlie - The Big Dog said...

Ahoy Capn!

Just stopped in to say hello and see what you have been up to. Im so jealous you got some snow. Id love to play in the snow, it would be great fun!


The Army of Four said...

If Selena won the glass cup, shouldn't she be allowed to use it as her water bowl or somethin'?