Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Capn is back

Harrr Mateys, the Cap'n is back from the shows and all that fun. Here is my photo wearing my jolly roger bandana and my neck ribbon from the Parade of Titleholders. Harrr, the applause still be ringing in the Cap'ns ears. Stella the Sea Wench be at the show too. She got another championship point on Sunday. Harrr, good on ya Stella. Thar be some excitement here by the Good Ship Maverick's Run yesterday but that be another story on the D'Azul blog.

Cap'n Maverick the Pirate


Fu Fu said...

Hey Cap' Maverick. You sure do look very nice in the bandana. :)

~ fufu

The Army of Four said...

Harrr! Great picture, Cap'n! Ye look downright dashing! Wait 'til Amber sees this!
Welcome back!
Harr and play bows,

Althea said...

You've did us husky pirates proud. I'm glad to see you were allowed to wear your pirate bandana to show your true colors.
Althea Red Eye

Stella Louella said...

Harr, Cap'n Maverick...
You be mighty handsome in that thar photo. I be wondering if ye like to send yer orange oragutan to me house fer interrogation, to make sure it be not a double agent fer them thar cats.
Miss Stella

Khady Lynn said...

You are certainly the most handsome pirate I know!! What a great photo!