Friday, January 26, 2007

Mouse hunt and other news

Harrrr Mateys

Today yer Cap'n was watching Lisa The Mean do her chores. Harrr, this be so good. Cap 'n Mav spied a mouse, harrr mousie. Then yer Cap 'n Mav caught the mouse, harrrr. Icky. The Cap'n quickly spit him out and the mouse hit the wall, lickety splat. It be nasty tasting. Yuck mousie. Then Gloria picked it up and spit is out too. Lisa The Mean grabbed it up and it went to Davey Jones Locker Room. We will never see it again. Harr, it be so much fun.

On other news, yer Cap 'n Mav has heard he will get a bath this week. Harrrr not just one but two!!! That be cause the Cap'n be in a parade of title holders and need to look his best. Your Cap 'n be so excited to go parading. Now to get Lisa the Mean to let me wear my pirate bandana in the parade.

Cap 'n Maverick the Pirate


Althea said...

Cap'n Maverick,
I've never had a mouse before and after your post, I think I'll stick to my normal diet.

I put in the good word for you with the new kid in town, Joaquin. I told him that you can teach him the ways of us husky pirates.


The Army of Four said...

When we first moved into this house, I had my own "catch and release program" going for the mousies in the field behind us. Not in the house, though. Bipeds are funny about that sort of thing.
I caught and released 5 - all while on a 6-foot leash. I'm FAST. And I think 5 catches qualifies me as an ACE. I wasn't allowed to draw an outline of mousies on my collar, though.
Tail wags,

Maverick the Pirate said...

Harrr Althea, those mousies be nasty. They wiggle, ewww. That be too nasty even for a pirate.

Harrr Stormy, five does mean ACE I am sure, whatever that means.

Cap'n Mav