Thursday, December 07, 2006

Blabber mouths

Harrr, since the blabber mouths spilled the beans on the chicken, here is the tale. It was a fortuituous series of events that pirates dream of.

First mom forgot to feed the chickens and ducks early in the morning. Then she remembered during Cap'n Maverick and Gloria's exercise time. Out Mom be in the chicken house, scoopin food and throwing some grain. Harrrr, the chicken door has no latch from the inside. Harrrr, me nose goes in, then me eyes, harr, then me ears. Drat Mom catches me and out I be. But wait, there be more to the tale.

These chickens be very very old and one had gone to meet her maker over night. Mom comes out and goes to fetch the proper coffin plastic sack for the newly deceased. Back she go to the chicken house and back inside. Harrrr. Me nose goes in, then me eyes, them me ears and then, me whole head. Thar be chickens a bunch walking about and cluckin, just for the pluckin. Mom turns and catch the Cap'N Mav again. But, harr this time she comes out with the chicken in the sack.

This is just too good. Mom holding the chicken higher and higher as Cap'N Mav and Gloria be jumpin and pullin on the sack. By the time Mom got to the unopenable trash cans with the chicken in the sack, the sack be fair tattered. Mom be standing saying words that make even Cap'N Mav blush with the chicken over her head and pounding on the trash can lid. Mateys you gotta know this was the best. Cap'N Mav and Gloria be leapin and snappin and spinnin at that chicken in the sack while Mom be beside herself to get in the can. Finally the can relented and let Mom in and the chicken went to Davey Jones Locker but not before your Cap'N had a good go at it. I even got a feather or two.

So that be the tale of the almost pillaged chicken.

Cap'N Maverick the Pirate


The Army of Four said...

Harrr, what a great tale, Cap'n! I could picture it, plain as day!
I tip me pirate bandana to ye!
Play bows and harrr!
Zim the Pirate

Maverick the Pirate said...

Harr Zim. Matey, Mom be not too tall. If there be a couple more pirates on the loose at the time, we be having chicken for a snack. Mom good at blocking two or three dogs but four or five pirates working together and we'd a had it.

Cap'N Mav

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

Harrr! Good on ye, matey!

Stella Louella said...

Arrr, you've got a good sea wench in that Gloria! The pair o' ya nearly snared that feathered beast. Best of luck next tiime.

Miss Stella, Sea Wench